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Ductwork Installation

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Get The Air In Your Boynton Beach, FL, Home Where It Needs To Go With Ductwork Installation

Your home is akin to a living thing, and like all living things, it needs to breathe. Its breath is the conditioned air coming out of your HVAC system, and it needs to be able to send that air throughout the home to where it needs to go, and that's where ductwork comes in. Your home's ductwork is what makes a central air conditioning system possible. If it's not up to snuff, you'll waste energy - and in turn money - trying to keep the air inside your home cool. So if you've got older ducts that can no longer handle your home's needs, it's time to turn to new ductwork installation from your trusted pros at SunCoast Home Solutions.

Whether you're looking to have your existing ducts replaced or need new ductwork installed in your home, we'll do the job in the most efficient way possible so you know you're getting the comfort you deserve and saving as much energy use as you can.

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What Are Some Signs Your Ductwork Replacement Is Needed?

Since you don't usually interact with your ducts it can be more challenging to know if there's a reason it needs to be replaced, but there are definitely things you might notice that will tip you off, including:

  • It's 10 Years Old (Or More) - Ductwork will wear out over time, to the point where repair or sealing isn't enough to keep it working anymore. This leads to wasted energy and lessened comfort as all your conditioned air is seeping out rather than cooling you off.
  • Higher Utility Bills - A good rule of thumb is that if your energy bill spikes for no good reason, there's probably an issue somewhere in your HVAC system. Whether it's with your air conditioner itself or with the ducts, you'll want to have it checked out.
  • Bad Smells - If moisture has collected in your ductwork and led to the growth of mildew or mold, it's probably not enough to have those sections cleaned - you'll want to have them replaced for the sake of you and your family's health.
  • Multiple Damaged Locations - If you've got extensive duct damage, it reaches a point where simply fixing it isn't the most cost-effective option. Better to replace the ductwork entirely so you can start fresh.
  • Unwelcome Visitors - If any pests - rodents, bugs, or others - have taken up residence in your ductwork, it is probably in your best interest to have it replaced because the potential for disease or allergens they carry to remain in your system is too great.

Don't Put Off Taking Care Of Your Ductwork So It Can Take Care Of You

You could have the best, most energy-efficient and capable air conditioning system in existence, and all it's going to do is provide dirty, warm, weak air throughout your home if your air ducts can't handle it. Make sure that your ductwork is in good shape so you can enjoy all the comfort you and your family deserve. If your ductwork needs replacement or you're looking to have new ductwork installed, message us online or call 561-903-7700 today!

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