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Mold Inspection & Testing

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Discover Hidden Dangers In Your Boynton Beach, FL, Home With Mold Inspection & Testing

You’ve heard about it — it’s insidious, it’s relentless, and just plain disgusting. Mold is the bane and nightmare none of us wants to deal with, ever. But it is part of our natural world, and sometimes it creeps into places we’d rather it didn’t. When it gets into your home, you need to make sure you can find it and root it out - and mold inspection and testing services from SunCoast Home Solutions will uncover it wherever it hides.

Outdoors, in nature, mold isn’t really a problem; in fact, it’s a huge part of the Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystem with its own purpose and function. Mold biodegrades organic materials, breaking them down into soil, air, and water. The planet can’t function without it — it’s our globe-spanning garbage disposal that keeps things healthy, and we’re actually pretty lucky to have it around. It’s when the fungus starts growing inside our homes that it becomes a hazard and an irritant. Only a professional mold inspection can determine where and how large the infestation may be.

Mold And Air Testing In Basement

Where Can Mold Be Found In My Home?

Mold fungi collect and grow in warm, damp or humid conditions — which is why we usually find it in our bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or other underground areas. A professional mold inspection can also detect and identify even larger problem areas that may not be visible to the naked eye. Mold spores can cause a host of health hazards and other issues, including allergic reactions, problems during pregnancy and severe or even deadly respiratory ailments. Some mold infestations can result in high levels of mycotoxins — and those, in turn, can cause serious damage in the lungs and also lead to problems in the neurological and nervous systems.

The best way to prevent extreme mold growth is to try and keep your humidity and moisture at low levels indoors — using an air conditioner or dehumidifier is often helpful. You can also try to make sure your home is well-ventilated and use mold-killing cleaning products in key areas, particularly the bathroom. It’s also better to avoid carpeting your floors, especially in the bath and basement areas. If you do have carpet and spill on it, it’s better to remove and replace the affected area if you cannot completely clean and dry it.

Major Infestations Require Major Efforts, So Don't Wait

If you have a large infestation, however, you should consider a thorough investigation and mold inspection. It is better to call someone who is experienced with a full and complete mold inspection and who knows how to eliminate any mold that is found completely and efficiently. If the contaminated area is more than 8-10 square feet in size, you will need professional mold inspection, containment, removal and cleaning. This will ensure that no toxicity or biohazard remains in your home — and that it can’t grow any further, to the point that your home is uninhabitable.

Our licensed, bonded, and knowledgeable team can conduct a complete mold inspection to assess what, if any treatment your home needs and devise a plan and a timeline for what needs to be done and how long it will take. Your health and safety are our first priority — and we know you want to get back in your home as soon as possible, too.

There's Nowhere For Mold To Hide Where We Can't Find It.

If you suspect you have mold - or know for a fact you do and want to determine how big a problem you've got - then call our experts right away so we can begin the process of inspecting for and eventually removing your infestation. We stand ready to help you any time - message us online or call 561-903-7700 today!

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