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Whole Home Surge Protectors

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Protect Your Boynton Beach, FL, Home's Electronics With Whole Home Surge Protection

You just knew you'd covered your bases. When you bought that gorgeous new OLED TV, that 7.1 surround sound system and that high-tech video game console, you made sure they were safe by buying one of those store-brand surge protectors to connect them all to your home's power. Your adulting game was solid. But then the first thunderstorm came through, a bolt of lightning sent a power spike blasting right through your puny power strip and the entertainment center of your dreams was reduced to the stuff of nightmares. This wouldn't have happened if your home had whole home surge protection.

So much of what we rely on day-to-day runs on electricity, and as great as power is, it has just as much potential to damage things as it does to run them. That's why you can't rely on budget protection when it comes to all of your expensive equipment. Rather than trust your devices to a few haphazardly plugged-in power strips, protect your entire home all at once with a whole home surge protector, expertly installed by your friends at SunCoast Home Solutions.

Large Lighting Strike During Storm

How Does A Whole Home Surge Protector Work?

Unlike those store-bought surge protectors, a whole home surge protector is actually hard-wired into your home's electrical system at a point before the power branches out through all of your circuits. Whenever a power surge or spike comes through, the surge protector immediately deflects it or sends it to a ground wire so it never has a chance to reach any of your electronics. We cannot stress this enough - this device will protect every electrical outlet in your home, all at once, so it doesn't matter where you have something plugged in - it's enjoying the same protection, anywhere in your house.

What Are The Benefits Of Whole Home Surge Protection

With a whole home surge protector installed in your home, you'll enjoy advantages such as:

  • Reduced Repair/Replacement Cost - Very few warranties will protect your electronics from power surges, so if it happens, you're left footing the bill. A whole home surge protector keeps them safe.
  • Fire Prevention - Power surges can do more than damage electronics - the wrong kind of surge can actually start an electrical fire. With a whole home surge protector that excess energy will be diverted before it can cause a problem.
  • Defend Against Transient Surges - Small power surges and fluctuations can happen almost anytime, and while their immediate effect is minimal, over time they can build up to a lot of damage to your electronics. Whole home surge protection will render them harmless.
  • Automatic Protection - Whatever power outlet you use, you'll know it's safe and defended against trouble. All you have to do is plug your device in like normal.

Plus, you can avoid the hassle - and disappointment - of trying to deal with manufacturers and fly-by-night surge protector sellers when trying to make any warranty claims.

A Phone Call Is Your First Step To Whole Home Protection

Don't leave your home, your wiring or your electronics at risk. Keep them safe, secure and operating with whole home surge protection. To consult with one of our experts or schedule your installation, send us a message online or call 561-903-7700 today!

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