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Protect Your Boynton Beach, FL Home With HVAC Ultraviolet Lights

Somewhere outside your home, a virus flutters about on the wind, looking for someone to infect. It just so happens that the breeze carries it near your outdoor HVAC unit, where it is pulled in and ready to be blown out into your home, where it will locate its next victim. That is, until a blast of ultraviolet radiation from your UV lights hits it, breaking it down and eliminating its infectious abilities.

This might sound overly dramatic, but it happens every day, thousands of times, in homes across the United States. There are dangers that ride on the outside air, and if they get into your home, they can have a major impact on your family's health. But with an HVAC UV light from SunCoast Home Solutions, you can be sure we've got your backs - keeping you protected before the interlopers can even get inside.

How Does An HVAC UV Light Work?

Ultraviolet light is deadly. When you put on sunscreen to go outside during one of our blazing Florida days, you're protecting yourself from the UV light that is part of the sun's rays. That UV light can damage your DNA, leaving you with sunburn at best and a higher risk of cancer at worst. What's amazing about an HVAC UV light is that it takes this danger and turns it to your advantage.

Installed as part of your central air conditioning, HVAC UV lights bathe the air passing through your system with powerful UV-C light, disrupting the DNA of bacteria, viruses and fungi. This will either kill them outright or disable their ability to reproduce, which robs them of their infectious abilities. They are a potent tool in the fight against disease, but there's even more to them than that.

What Are The Benefits Of HVAC UV Lights?

Aside from fighting against the disease-causing agents invading your home, HVAC UV lights confer other advantages that help improve your home, such as:

  • Better Airflow - It might seem crazy, but microorganisms in your air can actually inhibit your system's airflow. When UV lights take them out, the airflow improves.
  • Remove VOCs - VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are manufacturing chemicals that sometimes leach into your air from new paint, furniture or construction. The high energy of UV lights breaks their chemical bonds and renders them inert.
  • Lower Costs - The airflow improvement mentioned above will make your air conditioning more efficient - and higher efficiency means lower energy bills.
  • Reduce Odors - While they may not be as robust as an air purifier, the ionizing effects of UV lights can also break down odorous molecules in your air, eliminating their unwanted scent.

Shine A Light & Chase Away The Danger

HVAC UV lights are a powerful tool in your air quality arsenal. They help keep your family healthier, your air cleaner and your energy costs down - not bad for some light bulbs, is it? To speak with one of our specialists about installing HVAC UV lights in your home, message us online or call 561-903-7700 today!

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